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American Dominance: A Call for More Global Competition

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According to an article by The Register (Last accessed: 18 June 2016),  "CIA director John Brennan told US senators they shouldn't worry about mandatory encryption backdoors hurting American businesses. And that's because, according to Brennan, there's no one else for people to turn to: if they don't want to use US-based technology because it's been forced to use weakened cryptography, they'll b

Bitcoin: The Planetary Currency

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Bitcoin Logo and Banner
We need a currency that no longer relies on national governments. We need a planetary currency. Bitcoin may be it.

Bitcoin Vs AUD as at 16 June 2016

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Bitcoin vs AUD as at 16 June 2016. Weekly Chart.
I heard about Bitcoin around 2012 but I just sat and waited to see if I would hear more of it.  I really got interested about Bitcoin when I heard an interview of an entrepreneur starting a business providing Bitcoin services and his reasons for why it is a good currency. 

Overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Larawan | Marquez Comelab | 15 Jun 16 | Update: 15 Jun 16 | Full View
Overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower
A majestic view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Cervantes, Ilocos Sur

Larawan | Marquez Comelab | 19 May 16 | Update: 19 May 16 | Full View
Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
As I ride at the back of a vegetable truck with nothing more than a pole to hang on to, we drive pass this scene in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. I see farmers up early in the morning to work and harvest their crop. Stunning back-drop showing the bluish haze of early morning fog against the green and gold colours of the fields. 

Thoughts on the Philippines: Corruption, Financial Regulation, Incompetence and Plumbing

Article | Marquez Comelab | 18 May 16 | Update: 19 May 16 | Full View
After having visited the Philippines twice this year, I've had a bit of time to think about the country based on my observations. This is not an in-depth analysis of anything in particular about the nation, just merely a collection of thoughts that I've had while I was travelling there. I can talk about how beautiful the people are and the green rolling hills and mountains and rivers... but this is a blog, not a travel guide or a tourism brochure.   


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Humans crave to be in teams, tribes.  They empathise with their groups. They don't with other groups. 

Film: Metro Manila

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This must be one of the most surprising films I've seen for a long time. Browsing SBS Online on the TV, I came across "Metro Manila". I have not seen a Filipino film for years. Curious to see one here in SBS Australia, I played it. It hooked me from the beginning. I was just going to have a peek but I stayed for the whole movie. It left feeling like I've been kicked in the guts like the city did to the poor family in the film. 

On Uber, Taxis and Competition: Why Uber

Article | Marquez Comelab | 17 Apr 16 | Update: 19 Apr 16 | Full View
Every now and then, you see Taxi Drivers of a country, or recently, a continent (South America), protesting against Uber.  At home, in Australia, I get around with my car. I used Uber once to get home from a night out after being introduced to it by a friend. I thought it was great: I could already see the driver's details, a photo of his car and his licence plate number even before he came to pick me up.

Frontline Fighting: Battling Isis

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SBS Australia ran an interesting UK documentary titled, "Frontline Fighting: Battling Isis", describing it as "the inside story of three untrained western volunteers with no family connections to the Middle East who heed the call to take up arms with Kurdish fighters to reclaim Rojava from the Islamic State". 

Is there a demand for paid online writing and editing services? How could one get started?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 27 Aug 15 | Update: 28 Mar 16 | Full View
There are observations I've made that may help you: 1. As important as Content Marketing is, many small business owners  prioritize expenses that can bring them income directly as a result, like Pay Per Click. Content Marketing is not one of those. The idea of SEO, let alone Content Marketing requires time and effort to convey small business owners. 

Why It’s So Hard to Stop ISIS Propaganda

Commentary | Marquez Comelab | 26 Mar 16 | Update: 28 Mar 16 | Full View
SIMON COTTEE wrote an article as to why ISIS' propaganda is effective in attracting youths. Our problem is that we haven't countered it with a better narrative, a better story.  After the attacks in Belgium, it is obvious that we are not doing enough in providing a narrative that can give hope to young men who are susceptible to the type of propaganda ISIS has been producing. 

Does an entrepreneur really need to be a specialist at something?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 28 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
In short, "No, you don't need to be a specialist to start a business". But you have to be competent or you have something to offer to your customers, partners, employers or investors that would make them want to do business with you.

How do I found a startup?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 22 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Founding a startup? Doesn't that mean just starting your own business? At least in my country, Australia, it does.   The steps you need to take friends largely on the laws that apply to you, which friends on where you are.  The main steps in general would  be: 1. Decide on a legal structure: sole trader, partnership or company. 

I am powering a bank's website using WordPress. What security measures should I take?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
If you are only planning to use Wordpress for the bank's blogging or publishing functions, then it is doable. However, if you are planning to have it interact with database they use for their customers, payments and transactions, I do not think Wordpress alone is the right tool unless you have the programming skills to completely hack WordPress. If you have that level of programming skills, then you are probably better off coding a custom solution for your client.

Which technologies should focus on?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Jun 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Just my 2 cents : I would focus on using open source technologies to provide solutions for clients for various reasons.

Will we run out of work to do?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Capitalism needs consumer to buy goods and services. At the same time all companies are trying to reduce labor. Will there not be enough work for all? Farming today needs vastly less people than 100 years ago. Industrial production in most companies can produce vastly more with the same number of staff than 20 years ago. Even service jobs are being replaced, think automated check-out counters or nursing robots. Will we run out of work? And if yes, what will be the consequences?

Which web design software should I use for creating quality webpages quickly?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 21 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Since you asked which Web Design SOFTWARE, then I would say Dreamweaver. But I wouldn't rely on Dreamweaver completely unless you're dealing with a brochure website. If you asked, which Script or maybe, which Content Management System, I would say Wordpress.  You might hear some people say, "Wordpress is just a Blogging tool". Not really. That's old news. It started as such but it is now commonly used for websites.

Is a reseller channel an important and effective channel to consider them a viable sales channel in a startup?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I would say that's an effective way to distribute products. If I were you however, I would  just make sure that the terms of the contract are negotiable ever so often to avoid locking yourself and /or your business in a contract that will later make it difficult for you to change things around.

I want to start an online website where people can discuss their expert views before a sports event and tip on betting. What are my options to start something like that?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 23 Aug 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
I would recommend you to start visualizing what this website would look like. I am not referring so much to how it would look but rather, the processes of how you want things done. Obviously, the more details you can put on paper, the better. If you have a business plan, the information relevant would be where you outline the technical process by which you are going to make money.