The Tyranny of God Audiobook, ePub and PDF Now Available

Over the last couple of months, I have been recording and producing an audiobook version of my book, The Tyranny of God: Liberating Ourselves From Our Own Beliefs. Now you can listen to the audiobook while you're driving or travelling. You can listen to see how the Introduction and the Preface turned out.

Even in times of Budget Cuts, funding science remains vital

Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking discuss funding science in the current environment of budget cuts in Britain.

Here is the transcript:

Brian Cox: What would be the consequences for the UK if we are forced to pull out of a major project such as CERN because of budget cuts?

Stephen Hawking: It would damage the academic community whose task is to raise the next generation of scientists.

Brian Cox: How can we make the case to government for an increase in funding in areas such as Physics and Cosmology.

On Internet Freedom Vs Government Control

There are groups who would like to have more control over the Internet - Governments in particular - but we must always err on the side of a free Internet. Now it is reasonable cheap and easy to start a business online, start a website, a blog, to learn about anything with relatively minimum bias, censorship and propaganda, be active and have a voice.

Regulation and Government control sets up barriers. It increases costs - both in terms of time and money - to do what would otherwise be simple and straight-forward. Think of a path or a road. It is otherwise free to walk and drive through. But when Government and Institutions have control over this, they can impose toll fees, taxes, etc...

Re-allocating Time

As we commit to more and more projects, it gets harder to work on other things and occassionally, it pays to pause and assess the results and the effectiveness of each alternative. In my case, I have been involved in a non-profit organisation in the last few years initially as a Secretary and later on, to be its President. These activities do take time - perhaps a little too much time - I could otherwise spend on reading and writing books, blogging and so on. You might have noticed that I have not blogged as frequently...

What are PIPA and SOPA? Why should you oppose them?

You may have heard of PIPA and SOPA lately. Even though they are US Bills, their acceptance as law will affect everyone who uses the Internet. Here is a video that will help summarise the issue.

The Power Of Small Consistent Returns

People have preconceived misconceptions about trading, investing and money in general. This is an entire topic on its own but this week, I set my focus on addressing the type of returns one can expect to achieve by trading the markets. Hopefully, I can help some people understand the power of small consistent returns over time. For many, a great rate of return means multiplying your money at least ten times instantly. It is usually the type of windfall gains that people associate to winning the lottery or winning in the casino.

The Benefits of Trading The Forex Market

Marquez, author of The Part-Time Currency Trader, outlines the benefits of trading the forex market.

Avoiding Forex-Related Frauds and Scams

Marquez, author of The Part-Time Currency Trader, outlines how to avoid forex frauds and scams.

Understanding Financial Statements

In Financial Accounting - Reporting for those outside the business, the 3 most important financial statements, relevant for budding entrepreneurs are:

1. The Statement of Financial Position or the Balance Sheet

2. The Statement of Income or The Profit & Loss Statement

3. The Statement Of Cash Flows.

This article discusses these three.

The Accounting Equation

As an entrepreneur, who are thinking of going into business, or who is already conducting business, it is time you must know about one of the most fundamental concepts in accounting.


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