Hello, thanks for popping in! In case you have not noticed, I have been away for a while. Over the past couple of years, I moved to a different country in a new continent. I’m learning a new language, meeting new people and doing new or different things.

I deleted my old website, and I am building this new one to reflect a new focus. It is still a little empty, but it will get filled, don't you worry.

A bit about me...

I have always been fascinated with how people can use technology to do business. I help individuals and businesses with the technological tools and assistance they need to start a business, grow their customer base and compete online through web design, web development, online marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media networking and payment systems (terminals, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies).

Currently, I am exploring and learning how we can use cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), can help individuals and small businesses especially during chaotic times like now, as the Sars-CoV-2 virus is causing the Covid-19 pandemic. 

About this Website

This website will be mainly focussed how to use cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin SV (BSV), in business and for personal use. It will touch on entrepreneurshipleadershipmanagementmarketingeconomicssciencetechnologypayments and other cryptocurrencies.