Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies are disrupting the world of business, payments, money and finance. We focus on the people, ideas, events and developments to better understand what they are and how we can use them.

Why Bitcoin Matters

Posted: 30th Dec 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 30th Dec 2020 | Full View
When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was just some toy with which some technologists invented so they can amuse themselves. I just assumed it was all still experimental. I did not look much into it. Many of you are probably thinking along those same lines. What is the point of it? Why should it matter? I believe we need to understand the bigger reasons why we should even get involved in anything let alone Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Covid-19, the Near Future and You (Part III)

Posted: 25th Nov 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 25th Nov 2020 | Full View
In this video, we complete our discussion on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, how it is affecting the job market, businesses and industries. What trend has it triggered in how people make their living and we highlight how technology, like the Internet, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can and may help us.

How far Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies fell from their all-time highs and will they rise again

Posted: 25th Nov 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 24th Nov 2020 | Full View
We take a look at how far Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have fallen from their all-time highs and where they are now. With recent news of big institutional investors soaking up Bitcoin's supply, will Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies rise again?

Covid 19, The Near Future and You (Part II)

Posted: 2nd Nov 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 2nd Nov 2020 | Full View
Times seem bleak as we face the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and retreat to our homes in lockdown. In the past, people had gone through something similar. In this video, I share with you an inspiring story of a town called Eyam and the sacrifice they made to quarantine themselves during an epidemic to stop the spread of the Bubonic Plague spreading across England in 1665 and 1666.

Paypal allows purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

Posted: 25th Oct 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 25th Oct 2020 | Full View
We go over the performance of trading signals the last week and discuss one the big announcement that Paypal made this week, which could not only bring about massive changes to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, but to the payments and financial industry as well.

Covid 19, The Near Future and You - The circumstances we need to prepare for

Posted: 18th Oct 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 18th Oct 2020 | Full View
Summer is over, and winter is coming. Covid-19 cases and deaths are rising at an alarming rate. The UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium and other European nations are tightening their measures to prepare for the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

New YouTube Channel — Trading Adventures

Posted: 5th Oct 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 4th Oct 2020 | Full View
There are posts that are better presented as videos than as a blog or an article. So we have created a YouTube Channel we can use to publish videos. The YouTube Channel is called Trading Adventures and it will cover videos related to trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as well as exploring their use-cases in business and in everyday life.
Travel Adventures

Ray Dalio Says 'Inflation Is Coming' - How To Prepare

Posted: 15th Aug 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 15th Aug 2020 | Full View
I wrote about my concerns for inflation a few months ago. The printing of money, as necessary as it may seem to be in the short-term, has long-term ramifications. Ray Dalio explains these concerns further. Wealth is not destroyed, rather it is transferred to another asset, to another country, etc. This is why investing or trading in other assets like real-estate, gold, silver, Bitcoin SV and other cryptocurrencies. The more diverse your portfolio is, the better.

List of different cryptocurrencies and how are they different from each other?

Posted: 3rd Aug 2020 | Marquez Comelab | Last Update: 16th Aug 2020 | Full View
There are over 1000 different crypto-currency or crypto-asset projects in existence at the moment. Here is a summary of the major ones and later, I will be adding some that just happened to hit my radar. It is not supposed to be objective and complete. Instead, I provide you with my opinions and bias that formed as a result of my reading and research and provide what comes to me as the most important and significant about each of them.
Different Crypto-Currencies