I have a business idea similar to Uber. Are there plug and play applications available that I can leverage to build the platform? If not, what is a rough idea on how much it might cost to build a simple location based platform?


I think that when it comes to ideas like these where the website itself is the core business asset,  you would want to have a unique website. If you wait for others to push developers to create plug and play plug - ins they sell to the masses, you're already too late. By then, so many other people are doing similar websites to yours. 

With business models like these, you want to build the website in a way that is customisable to ensure you build it close to how you can imagine it and to ensure that it is unique to you. This would be the reason why people would to want to buy it from you or invest with you in the future. 

Such websites can take a bit of development resources. To do this right, I would look at a minimum budget of at least $6000 USDs to explore it further. ($6K- $10K really) That's just a guess not knowing the exact requirements and specifications. 

The website should be done in a way that you can upgrade it as you make money without having to start from a different system altogether.

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