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Fairly or unfairly, Bitfinex and Tether need to release their audit report as soon as possible

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 28 Nov 17 | Update: 27 Nov 17 | Full View
It is alleged that Tether is being conjured out of thin air. They are being issued with no money backing them. Backing is important because each Tether is supposed to be backed by $1 USD. These Tethers are also alleged to being transferred to Bitfinex, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, who then uses these Tethers to somehow buy more Bitcoins directly or indirectly. This implies that Bitcoin's price is being artificially propped up. Why would that be bad?
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The Bitcoin network is getting really congested and this time, it is a serious worry

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 25 Aug 17 | Update: 11 Nov 17 | Full View
The Danger for Bitcoin as it remains expensive and slow to use. Others call this the Bitcoin Death Spiral, which I find dramatic but I think alarming enough to catch the attention it deserves. 
DISCLAIMER: None of this is financial advice specific to you. I could be wrong so you have to do your own research to find out what's best for you.  TOPIC: Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Death Spiral Bitcoin is around its highest valuation but there is a worrying trend. Bitcoin's Network is getting really congested. There are currently 85900 Unconfirmed Transactions. The following shows the aggregate size of transactions waiting to be confirmed. 
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Bitcoin Cash looks familiar. It looks like Bitcoin.

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 28 Oct 17 | Update: 28 Oct 17 | Full View
Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin went through a similar phase that Bitcoin Cash is going through.
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Bitcoin is a currency. It is not an asset, commodity nor a collectible.

Article | Marquez Comelab | 25 Oct 17 | Update: 25 Oct 17 | Full View
Aswath Damodaran, a professor of finance at the NYU's Stern School of Business, Wall Street's "Dean of Valuation," has come up with something that I think is very useful for anybody who has anything to do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I think his insight will help traders, investors, regulators, politicians and businesses. 
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Danger: Bitcoin's Lightning Network is the first step towards Corporate and Government control over Bitcoin

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 23 Oct 17 | Update: 24 Oct 17 | Full View
Bitcoin Cash Logo
Users of Bitcoin are having to pay high transaction fees and wait for hours, even days, for their transactions to be confirmed. Bitcoin Core proposes a solution that takes away our digital signatures into another system provided as a service by Blockstream. This is a form of centralization. This Segwit/Lightning Network solution accumulates important pieces of information into one area where it could be controlled, manipulated or stolen. It also makes it easier for governments to the delight of banks and central banks, to justify unnecessary controls over our freewill to transact with whom,…
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Money as a System-of-Control

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 01 Oct 17 | Update: 01 Oct 17 | Full View
This is an amazing talk by Andreas Antonopolous on Money had been part of a System of Control and Bitcoin gives us an alternative. 
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Bitcoin will be okay. There is no Bitcoin Death Spiral.

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 05 Sep 17 | Update: 05 Sep 17 | Full View
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about the congestion in the Bitcoin Network.  A week later, the mempool and the unconfirmed transactions that piled up over days just seemingly cleared up in an instant. 
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How did Bitcoin clear up it's mempool so quickly today?

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 30 Aug 17 | Update: 30 Aug 17 | Full View
Bitcoin's mempool clears in an instant
Does anybody know how or why Bitcoin's mempool got cleared up today in an instant? 
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How Bitcoin Cash's Emergency Difficulty Adjustment is affecting hashrates and mempools of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 28 Aug 17 | Update: 28 Aug 17 | Full View
The effect of Bitcoin Cash's Emergency Difficulty Adjustment to the network of BTC and BCH.
I want to know the effect of Bitcoin Cash's Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) on Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The discussions between BCH fans and BTC fans are quite polarised and there's a lot of insults going around. It is hard to get a handle of what is really going on. 
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Transactions are cheaper and faster with Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 24 Aug 17 | Update: 24 Aug 17 | Full View
Current Unconfirmed Transactions in the Bitcoin Network, 2017-08-24
From a user's perspective, I would want cheaper transaction costs if I were to use a cryptocurrency to buy a good or a service or even maybe another cryptocurrency.  I would also want that transaction to be approved quickly.  If we compare Bitcoin (BTC) with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), here is what we see: TRANSACTION FEES OF BITCOIN AND BITCOIN CASH COMPARED
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America will suffer for turning its back on Science

Article | Marquez Comelab | 02 Jul 17 | Update: 01 Jul 17 | Full View
White House Front Dusk
The White House Science Division officially has zero staff members[1]. Trump, an ignorant President, is going to inflict years and decades of hardship on America. Science is what gives nations knowledge to make the right decisions. When the right decisions are made, a nation will prosper. As a nation prospers, it becomes more powerful and influential. 
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Senate Bill 1241 - A Bill That Allows The US Government to Confiscate Your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 01 Jul 17 | Update: 01 Jul 17 | Full View
Four Senators in the USA [1: names provided below] are trying to pass a bill that would allow the US government to confiscate people's Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. The title is Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017. 
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Hoax that Vitalik Buterin's died crashed Ethereum's Price

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 27 Jun 17 | Update: 26 Jun 17 | Full View
Vitalik Buterin disproves a hoax
A hoax published on two websites* that the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has caused holders of Ethereums to panic and sell their Ethers. Mind you, there had been a pre-existing sell-off prior to the fake news. The hoax articles claimed that Buterin died from a car accident, along with a friend. 
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China is on track to be the first nation to have its own cryptocurrency

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 24 Jun 17 | Update: 24 Jun 17 | Full View
According to an article in the Futurism, "China’s central bank — the People’s Bank of China — has developed a prototype of a cryptocurrency that it could end up in circulation in the near future. It wou
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Ripple XRP has a Potential Buy Set-up

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 20 Jun 17 | Update: 20 Jun 17 | Full View
Ripple Logo
There's a potential buy set up for XRP.   (IMPORTANT: This is not an advice for you or anybody to do anything.) 
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How may SegWit weaken Bitcoin's Security?

Article | Marquez Comelab | 20 Jun 17 | Update: 19 Jun 17 | Full View
Initially, I was relieved to hear that the Bitcoin community seems to be doing something to advance the technology in light of the network getting too slow and transactions taking too long to be confirmed. I was of the thinking that, "any action is better than none". But an article written by Dr.  Craig Wright made me rethink that SegWit, as it is being proposed now, is risky. 
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Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Crypto Market are all 'crashing'... supposedly

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 16 Jun 17 | Update: 17 Jun 17 | Full View
Today, (Thursday, 15 June)  prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the majority of Cryptocurrencies are nosediving. It started yesterday, actually. I tried searching for what the reason could be. So far here are potential contributors: 1. There is an announcement that some mining company is going to fork Bitcoin.  So what? They split Bitcoin, then you just choose which version you like right? It is no reason to panic now. 
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Hypernormalisation: Terrorism, Syria, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 06 Jan 17 | Update: 17 Jun 17 | Full View
Hypernormalisation is a film by Adam Curtis broadcasted by the BBC. It is just a great film to assist us in the momentous task of piecing certain events that can help explain where we find ourselves and our world today. Most of us do not have time to think and analyse all the relevant news articles and reports that come out. So we do not really know what is going on in the world. Adam Curtis has taken it upon himself to do this for us.  
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Bitcoin is Splitting into Core (BTC) and Unlimited (BTU)

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 27 Mar 17 | Update: 27 Mar 17 | Full View
Bitcoin is splitting between BTC and BTU. BTC is Bitcoin Core and BTU is Bitcoin Unlimited.  Why is Bitcoin splitting? Bitcoin is splitting because it is growing in use and popularity. It is considered normal that new technologies go through such growing pains. Put simply, Bitcoin is approaching a technical limit (1MB block size).This poses issues about how the system can handle more transactions. For years, the Bitcoin community had been discussing how to solve it.
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After Trump's election, let us make voting compulsory

Article | Marquez Comelab | 05 Feb 17 | Update: 28 Feb 17 | Full View
How can America's democratic system produced Donald Trump as its President? Is there really no one else more qualified or suited to be the President of the most powerful and most influential nation on Earth? Isn't Democracy supposed to be a system where people elect who they want as their leader? How can this system, a system that is supposed to be a shining example of democracy, produced a man who is surely now one of the, or THE most hated person in America and the world?
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