Business Plans: What are essential documents for every startup company to have on file?

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It depends on which jurisdiction you're incorporated in. The first stop is to look at your Memorandum and Articles of Association of your company as well as the Corporation Law of the country governing your company.  They tell you what needs to be done. Then you have to look at the process and the documentation you need to get things done. 

The main documents you'll need would be finances and accounting documents: financial statements,  tax details,  etc. Next would be your legal documents: contracts,  intellectual property documents, etc... Third,  would be the operational documents you need to run your business daily.

You'll have in your list

  • Incorporation papers stating Directors, shareholders and officers of company
  • Article and Memorandum of company
  • Financial statements and records
  • Legal contacts and documents covering employment,  patents, trademarks, etc
  • Daily operational documents: invoices,  receipts,  invoices, purchase orders
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