Does it make any difference to believe or not to believe in God?

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Yes of course. Most conflicts in the world is made worse by people's differences in whether a god exists and what form this god is, as well as what he wants and desires from you, from me and from everyone else.

From a more personal viewpoint, would it not make a difference how you live your life, if you believe in an afterlife or if you don't? Of course it does. 

As a very basic example, if you believe in a god,  would you not sacrifice hours of your life praying and praising this god?  

If you don't believe in a god, like myself, then you don't waste hours of your precious life to gods that do not exist. You don't scare yourself about whether to eat pork or not because it is supposed to be 'dirty'. You marry who you want to marry if they want to marry you regardless of your religions. You can associate with whom you wish to associate regardless of their religions. 

Religions impose on you a lot of ridiculous, baseless, restrictions that do not serve humanity. These things just serve religions so that people who make a living of it, can continue making a living of it.

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