Hoax that Vitalik Buterin's died crashed Ethereum's Price

A hoax published on two websites* that the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has caused holders of Ethereums to panic and sell their Ethers. Mind you, there had been a pre-existing sell-off prior to the fake news. The hoax articles claimed that Buterin died from a car accident, along with a friend. 

Vitalik had to tweet a selfie with a hash number for a block on the Ethereum network, a hash number that existed AFTER his purported death. It is the Blockchain equivalent of holding a photo of today's newspaper to prove that you are still alive today. This means that people sold their Ethers based on fake news. Others bought those Ethers cheaper than they would have.

It is interesting to think that even though Buterin is not Ethereum because Ethereum is a worldwide project contributed to by many people, people see him as Ethereum.

Contrast Buterin's story with that of Satoshi Nakamoto.  We still do not know who he is, she is or they are. He has published a document outlining how to build Bitcoin and how it would work. And that was it. We never heard from him, her or them again**. For this reason, the continuity of Bitcoin is disassociated from the health or state of any person alive today.

*I intentionally will not mention the websites because that's like promoting websites publishing stuff they know not to be true.

**There is an Australian man who claims it but so far has delivered no evidence convincing enough that he is indeed the real Nakamoto.