How could we convert the world to an atheist majority?

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I am reluctant to use the word "convert". But I think I know what you mean.  

We have to come out as Atheists and not hide. When people ask us what we believe, we have to admit to it. If they ask why,  we tell  them why. If they want to debate and discuss let's debate and discuss and not be shy or be ashamed of our atheism. Let us not be afraid to challenge stupidity or ignorance. There is nothing wrong with discussions and argumentations if the purpose is to arrive at the truth. 

The more of us come out, the more people will see that there are many of us. That our opinions matter. Our Rights matter. 

They will see that we are people just like them. This is important. Because in so many communities around the world, they are freaked out by atheism or by Atheists. The simple fact that we do not believe in a god confuses them. People normally do not embrace things they don't know or understand. So they isolate them. In countries all over the world now, Atheists are still being killed or jailed for their non-belief. 

Therefore we should see it as a duty to speak out and identify ourselves as such.

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