I want to design a website for my craft works, paintings etc. what things I should care about, How do I start and how much would it cost?

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If you're planning to do this as a serious business, then I would advise against trying to do it yourself. Many people who try to do it themselves end up with websites that like a "do-it-yourself" website. Web design and Web development can get very involved if you want to achieve a professional look as well as function properly. Many potential customers and visitors, having used many websites, base their feelings of a business' credibility on your website. 

As web developers ourselves,  people ask us similar questions like these. For a person in a similar circumstance as you, I would ask questions like: 

Do you just want a catalog website or would you like to be able to sell your products and accept payments as well? This determines if you need an e-commerce system. 

How many art works do you have? For each of items you have, do you have all the images,  descriptions and prices (if you're  selling). This feels us how quickly we can build your website by how ready you are with the information we need. 

Would you like to update your website regularly? Would you like to be able to blog? These would tell us if we should provide a dashboard for you in which you can log in to edit the web pages and blog after we have built and structured your website.  

Do you have a logo already? The logo basically controls how the website looks so would design the website based on your logo's  look and feel. If not then we start off with making one. 

There's really a lot more I need before I can provide an estimate for a solution that meets what you're looking for. You can contact me directly or you can request for an estimate from my company at www.orangesandlime.com

Please write on the comment on the estimate form that you've had contact with Marquez on Quora so it can be forwarded to me directy because I want to help you myself.

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