I've heard about startups who have CEOs who basically have the idea and implemented the business until it was a wealthy startup, only for board members / investors to then fire that person. Is this true? How could I avoid this happening to me?

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When Shareholders invest their money,  they invest in your company, not you. They would want that investment to succeed,  with or without you. If they think you're no longer the right man for the job, that's fair enough, right? All you can do is to continue proving that you are the right man for the job. 

Ultimately, it is the Shareholders who wield the power of a company. And if you are the founder, you would be the majority shareholder in the beginning, I would expect. You have to look closely then at who you relinquish your shares to as you take on new Shareholders and assess whether they are the right co-owners of your company.

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