Are atheists usually more open minded than theists?

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I think I agree. I think you would have to be open-minded to be able to open up to new ideas: ideas that most atheists had to shake out from. We have to remind ourselves that most people are born in religious families and religious countries. Most of us are brought up with religious explanations of the world. Most people accept the beliefs that they just happen to have been born into. Rarely do they question it. Now that's close-minded. Still in many countries around the planet, they still kill people simply by no longer believing. People from one religion fight other people of another religion. In Saudi Arabia, they have declared atheists to be terrorists just so they don't have to hear and argue against ideas different to theirs. Now that's close-mindedness.

Most atheists have to open their minds up to new ideas and allow their previous personal beliefs to be challenged. A closed-minded person would get angry, lash-back, deny or ignore. However, soon-to-be-atheists instead become curious and try to understand. Despite the conflict he faces from his old beliefs, his family, his community and his friends, he is open-minded enough to say what if I my understanding is wrong and there is another way of looking at things?

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