Ripple XRP has a Potential Buy Set-up

There's a potential buy set up for XRP.  

(IMPORTANT: This is not an advice for you or anybody to do anything.) 

There's been an established buying range. Trendlines as well as Support and Resistance levels are set to be broken. Volume had been going up the last three days as the price slightly rose. The troughs of the prices and the MACD confirm. If people buy above R1, that might trigger more buying until R2, then if the price goes R3, people will likely want to carry it up further. 

XRP /USD, Daily
Ripple, XRP / USD Daily. Chart Source: Poloniex.Com

As I understand it, delegates from the Ripple team are in Europe attending conferences to let people know about what they do. That might generate some excitement and maybe the needed catalyst!

Overall, there seems to be enough there to indicate a small hop, if not a big leap upwards.