Is there a demand for paid online writing and editing services? How could one get started?


There are observations I've made that may help you:

1. As important as Content Marketing is, many small business owners  prioritize expenses that can bring them income directly as a result, like Pay Per Click. Content Marketing is not one of those. The idea of SEO, let alone Content Marketing requires time and effort to convey small business owners. 

2. Most business owners who are reliant or who prioritise blogging as an important activity, start their business or blog because they are experts on their business'/blog subject matter themselves. So for small businesses under 10 employees, there might NOT be a lot of prospect there for writing on their behalf. 

This means that companies over say, 50 employees might be a better bet, because they have bigger budgets and they might want to outsource this task. 

There might be demand for this service but I have not seen any evidence of it at least from Oranges and Lime's perspective. Having said that, we are not actively promoting the service because we are focusing on Web Design, Web Development, SEO and eMarketing at the moment. We do ask clients every now and then to see if they need such services because we are willing to seek out capable writers. But they always seemed to take the task in-house. I don't think they do a good job though because they don't know how it relates to SEO and the Web. 

In the future however, we would like to partner with people like you so we can actively offer the service to our clients as well.

Do you have a different answer that might help the questioner? How would you answer this question?

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