What do I say to someone (a religious person) who says that Science can never prove anything?

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If someone says science can never prove anything with 100% certainty. They'll say that all our tests, experiments, equations, laws of physics, might all be wrong, and everything we observe could be "God" testing us. For example, we can see how old the universe is, but they will say that "God" might have created the universe to look that way to fool us (LOL). I made my own arguments when I debating someone about this, but I want to know how other people would handle this. Since he can't prove the existence of his "God", and I can't disprove him, he thinks his "belief" is just as valid. (By the way, the person I was arguing with, is not actually religious, he says is "in between" in choosing religion or science, whatever that means. He reads science books at school, and then started reading the Christian Bible at home just out of curiosity.He was using arguments that some religious people will use.)
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People who argue these points are not really interested in proofs because no religion ever proved anything that science has not discovered beforehand. When I say science, I mean the scientific method of observing,  theorising and testing. 

So my response to remarks like that is to say, religion has not even provided any proofs for its assertions at all. At least science attempts to prove what it asserts. 

Is it not proof that the fact that we can make a plane fly proves that the science of aerodynamics works? The fact that we have mobile phones and televisions  means that the sciences of physics and chemistry work? With science,  we are able to send out space vehicles out there, to land on a plant or a moon that no religion ever predicted.  Those are proofs that the science behind these ideas are true. 

Religious people asking for proof is a diversion and misappropriation of the burden of truth. It is they who need to provide proof to support  their religious beliefs. 

Instead of proofs and evidence, what has religion ever brought in its 3000 history apart from inventing gods that people kill and die for, and making up edicts and fatwas that divide and segregate people?

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