What does it take to set-up a simple website that you can put up information products in pdf or word format? (So you can sell them to people)

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I am planning to set-up a website where I can sell niche information products. But, I do not have much start-up capital yet. So I would just like to know what are the COST and TIME to set up a (simple) website like this. This is so that I can begin preparing for it. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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You will need hosting, domain and Web Development costs. Hosting for small sites can be anywhere from $10 to $20 per month. This should provide you with unlimited professional email addresses within your domain name as well. Domain could be around $10 - $15 a year. Development is the one that's got a lot of variation which I will discuss below.  

Technically, putting up a web page is doable within a couple of hours, maybe even less. Some people say it should take no more than 30 mins but yes, what can you actually have in that 30 mins? Will it be a website that your customers can take seriously?  

Web development for websites intended to do business can start from say $1000 onwards. 

When you want a website to be seen credible by your customers, there is a certain level of standard that your customers will accept as deserving of  their money and attention. 

The factors that effect the cost is the type of market you're selling to, what your competitors are doing, etc... 

If you look at your competitor, which website do you think you would like to match? Send me the URL, along with the features and requirements you think you'll want to this email address: 001 (at) orangesandlime (dot) com, replace the words in parenthesis with actual spaces. Or if you want,  you can just request for an estimatewww.orangesandlime.com

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