Who has more to lose? The dead atheist who discovers god is real or the dead Christian who discovers it isn't?

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In life and in death. Who does it impact the most? If in the last 5 second of consciousness they know the truth. Who stands to feel the most despair? Insert any other religion you like to compare if you wish. It's a thought experiment. Treat it at face value.
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The questioner might be honest in his /her enquiry but questions like these are often asked to scare people to believing in the Christian god because it is 'safer' bet. 

To a Christian who asks these types of questions: you are an Atheist with regards to other gods like Zeus,  Thor and Allah. Do you ever ask yourself that perhaps it might be good to believe in those other gods too just in case they might actually exist? 

Christians would say, no, because they are convinced those gods are not true. So they don't feign belief to these other gods by praying or going to a mosque,  etc. To them,  it would be a total waste of time.  

The same is true for an Atheist like me. It is a total waste of time to worry about hell and the devil and damnation because there's no evidence that those things as well as gods, can exist at all.

Do you have a different answer that might help the questioner? How would you answer this question?

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