Why do evolution denying christians think that disproving evolution somehow verifies god's existence?

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Do they not realize that even IF evolution is disproven it doesn't somehow add evidence that their god is real. That still needs to be proven too.
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Understanding evolution is poison to religion, because it enlightens people to understanding the world in  a way that is critical of the truthfulness of religious claims. Evolution proves that the Bible, this supposed word of God, is wrong. If evolution is true,  then the Bible proves to be a false or  unreliable source of knowledge from which to base lives on, and therefore, it couldn't be the word of  an all powerful, mighty  being.

This is why they need to keep arguing that evolution is not true. With the advancement of human knowledge though and the availability of God information, it is a futile exercise. Given the knowledge available, denying evolution merely proves one's  stupidity at not understanding the evidence,  the refusal to understand it, the stubbornness to insist on his /her faith, or the ignorance that the evidence even  exists.

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