Are Homo sapiens (human beings) at the pinnacle of the evolutionary process?

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The term 'pinnacle' is problematic. What do you mean by it? 

I think this question suggests a misunderstanding of the evolutionary process because it assumes that there is some sort of a design, a thinking process that culminated to us. As though something -  a book - has been written and we are at its final chapter. It is  a question that I  expect coming from a religious perspective. 

Evolution simply implies species that adapt to their environment, survive. We,  Humans have adapted and now dominate the planet as a species. It does not mean we are at the pinnacle. 

But if an asteroid hits us like it did the dinosaurs, blow ourselves,  or some other calamity induced by man or nature, we may get wiped out immediately or by way of a slow dying out, and new species might arise. 

I think what you mean by pinnacle is associated to a species' place in the food chain . If this is the case then yes we dominate the planet because we are on top of the food chain , but it's not guaranteed how long we can maintain it.

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