How many steps do we need to make an idea happen?

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I know it depends on the idea. But in general, what is the way to go to get the idea done.
Tim Streutzer, Quora User

Yes you're right, the answer depends on the idea. However, we can make certain assumptions. Let's say, we need to build a product or a service. 

I think the steps then are:

1. Create/Develop the product or Service
2. Sell it. 

These are two seemingly simple steps, but to accomplish them require you to think, do and have what you need to make an idea happen. 

By being able to develop the product or service, it means you have the ability to produce, provide and deliver what you're selling. It also gives you an idea of that your limitations are: how many clients you can take on at  a time or how you can manage your stock levels,  etc.  

By being able to sell the product and do so repeatedly, is confirmation from your customers that you have a good idea and you are executing (doing) it well.

I know a lot of people who have ideas but never taken action because they keep waiting for an investor who will provide them with everything they need. I do not know of an investor who invests without having any validation that an idea is working. A business idea is working if it is selling.

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