Can love, compassion, and peace lead in the business world?

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Or it's always true as the old saying says: power corrupts. Is it mostly survival of the fittest in the business world? Do you know anyone who's reached so high (billionaires) but is a very loving, compassionate, and peace-loving person?
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Have you ever heard of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? They have given most of their wealth away to charity. 

So long as consumers are educated and they have access to the information they need to reward the businesses that serves their purpose and buy from them, I'm confident business and businesses are a tool for good. 

The danger is when government and religion and any other authoritarian regime begins filtering what information people have access to, then that is when we are at risk of buying the wrong thing. Much like voters vote with their votes, consumers vote with their dollars.

This is the reason why we need to support market competition, freedom of speech, freedom of information, democracy, proper  governance, etc to prevent your fears from coming true.

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