How do atheists explain the fact that the majority of the world believes in a god? Is it mass delusion? Are atheists smarter or is it something else?

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Are you saying that the more people believe in something, the truer it becomes? Do you not see that truth has nothing to do with the number of people who believe in it? 

There was a time when most people believed the Earth was flat. Mathematicians were the early ones who figured otherwise through geometry. Now, through astronomy and space travel, we can physically prove it by getting into a rocket and venture outside the atmosphere. 

There was a time when most people killed and imprisoned those who say that the Earth is not at the centre of the universe. Now, we know that they were right. 

So you see, the number of people believing in something does not make it true. This is Herd/Flock Mentality. If you base your beliefs this way, you are thinking like a sheep. Sheep are not known for discovering truths. 

It is people through methods of observation, testing and experimentation that do. Unfortunately, they are almost always alone or in the minority, going against prevailing beliefs.

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