Why It’s So Hard to Stop ISIS Propaganda

SIMON COTTEE wrote an article as to why ISIS' propaganda is effective in attracting youths. Our problem is that we haven't countered it with a better narrative, a better story. 

After the attacks in Belgium, it is obvious that we are not doing enough in providing a narrative that can give hope to young men who are susceptible to the type of propaganda ISIS has been producing. 

The difference is that with ISIS, they can make up their facts and sell it to the gullible young men who buy into them. It is a challenge. Creating such material is not so easy for us  because a lot of what we have to say is held into account by people who fact-check and make sure that such material we send out, meets all the requirements of different interest groups: from lawyers to those representing Government and Communities. In the end what we end up with after such a process is material so sterilised, guaranteed not to inspire young Jihadists from seeking what they perceive to be self-actualisation. 

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