Look at the way we die

I think that you can tell that there is no god when you consider the way majority of people die. When a soldier, or a policeman die in their duty, it is easy for us to put their lives and their passing in some grand context. It is easy enough to generate a background story or a theme to create meaning as to how that person lived and how and why he or she had died. But when you look at the news to see how many people die, you get a sense that it is all just random. And many times, people die in the most absurd of circumstances. 

The other day, in Belgium a woman rides an elevator beside a big bin full of industrial material. The bin tips over and kills her. 

Today, a young man, the age of 19, dies hungry. He was just released by a judged who deemed him fit to live away from the support of public health service. 

Every day, thousands of humans and their fellow animals die of starvation, being eaten by another animal or by another individual from the same species, being murdered, by natural disasters, floods, being flushed down the toilet, mosquitos being slapped to death by human beings, and on and on and on. 

You can twist your mind just wondering why god would allow this or that, what purpose he might have by taking someone away from us. 

But when you accept that things happen because they do, without the will of some special human-like super power in the sky watching us, caring for us or being vindictive of us, it is a lot easier to understand our place in the universe.