White House Front Dusk

The White House Science Division officially has zero staff members[1]. Trump, an ignorant President, is going to inflict years and decades of hardship on America. Science is what gives nations knowledge to make the right decisions. When the right decisions are made, a nation will prosper. As a nation prospers, it becomes more powerful and influential. 

Humanity has progressed since it began using Science to understand its place in the universe and how it can survive and how it can improve. This is the reason why we managed we were able to put a man on the moon and why so many of us are alive today, living longer, living better than our ancestors ever did. Europeans were able to dominate and lead the world for at least five hundred years because in its conquest for more wealth and power, they knew that knowledge provided by science, gave their empires, powers. This is why they funded scientific expeditions and study. 

America was successful because it invited, attracted and absorbed a lot of the world's scientific minds. For decades, they have led progress in Science. They've made discoveries and they have profited well from their discoveries. 

Along comes Donald Trump and decides that America does not need Science. If America allows this to happen, then I predict that we will see the impact of this decision in a few short years and it will be very evident within a decade. China, India, Japan and Europe will advance and lead the world economy.  They will attract more of the world's smartest people. They will become more economically progressive and will therefore become more politically influential than the USA. 

Science does not need people. People need Science. Governments need Science if they wish for their nations to continue to prosper. 



[1] The White House Science Division Officially Has Zero Staff Members

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