How do I found a startup?


Founding a startup? Doesn't that mean just starting your own business? At least in my country, Australia, it does.  

The steps you need to take friends largely on the laws that apply to you, which friends on where you are. 

The main steps in general would  be:

1. Decide on a legal structure: sole trader, partnership or company. 

2. Register your business. Your government ought to be able to provide you with what you need to do depending on your chosen structure.

3. Register a  trading name if that got missed in step 1 or 2.

4. Check with your tax office to see what you need to register or organise with regards to your tax obligations. 

5. Register any trademarks or patents you might need to protect your intellectual property of necessary. 

6. Organise contracts you need for the people you need to be dealing with: clients, employees, contractors, shareholders etc

After these, you actually get to operating and managing your own business. 

I wrote a detailed list of items for Australians here (   

I hope that helps.

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