I have my product almost ready, but I have no company, no co-founder, and no contacts. How do I proceed from here?

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They don't even let you register a company alone in india.

Do you need to register as a company? Can you NOT register as a Sole Trader in India? That's probably the simplest to start with. I would only start using a company when it is worth more than its trouble. 

Once you have that, I would, if I were in your shoes, see if I can legally protect any intellectual property I can have on the product (trademarks, patent, copyright, etc). 

Once that's done, I would develop a website where I can tell people about my product and what I'm trying to do. If it is a product I can start selling directly to consumers, then I would start doing that. That's how you see if you have the product that people need and if you have the systems, knowledge and processes to supply that product. If it is a product more for industry, wholesalers and resellers then networking would also be urgent and important. 

Either way, using the Internet through various social media networks would have to play in your marketing mix. But you will need a website to drive your traffic to, where people can find out more about your product and your business, and contact you when they are ready to buy, partner or invest in you.

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