How can I create a blog using HTML?


You can create a blog purely on HTML (and CSS) with a program like Dreamweaver. However, having assisted individuals and businesses set up their blogs, I would highly advise against doing a blog purely on HTML. You will spend your time putting it together, only to realize very quickly, that it is not a good solution and you need to rebuild it differently. With a HTML blog, as you grow, your work rises exponentially!

For one thing, how can people interact with you? How are they going to comment on your posts? If you're going to do that all in HTML, are you going to ask them to email them their comment so you can then update the blog manually? That's a lot of work my friend. 

You really need a dynamic website that allows you to log-in and add new blog posts and edit existing ones. This website automatically sorts these blog posts according to categories or topics and dates without you having to re-update all the other pages as well. It will save you lots of time. The more blog posts you do, the more time a dynamic website saves you. 

Let me know if you have further questions about building a blog.

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