As a military giant, why is the Russian economy not good?

Context of Question
As we all known,Russia has powerful scientific technology,it provides China with many military equipments。And Russia has many famous scientists,and its land is really big。With great scientific technique and big land space,why Russian economy is worse than Chinese economy,despite the fact that many Chinese military equipments are provided by Russia?What on earth dose Russia lack to boost its economy?

To be an economic powerhouse, you need to set up a lot of things as a nation to ensure that you are trustworthy and assure investors that you have institutions and laws that ensure fairness and legal protection and respect for their property. 

Little of that seems to be happening in Russia. All you hear about is Putin's posturings, acting like a typical dictator. The most immediate and urgent hindrance, in my opinion, to Russia's lack of prosperity is the worrying concentration of power and money controlled by Putin, with little or no checks and balances to protect the Russians against corruption.

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