God: Science says life can only come from life so isn't this evidence in favor that God created the first life form since life couldn't have occurred by accident?

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If there is such a thing where it is said that science says that life only comes from life,  then it would be of some context, like the replication of DNA or the propagation of genes. 

But if we are talking about the origins of life, then I don't think that's what our current understanding of Science is saying. 

Current theories suggests that that life came from something that was not originally not what we would consider alive. Further, what our understanding of Science is saying is, life began as a result of a series of very unlikely events happening - - accidents, as you say.

As you can see, your question had inverted premises. I don't know if that is really your understanding of Science or if you intentionally planted this question to misrepresent the arguments. 

If your question came from an honest attempt to understand and this is truly your understanding, then it is no wonder that other people are having so much difficulty understanding scientific theories. They are being fed false information. If such is the case, stop listening to your priests and pastors or wherever you are getting your science from, and read a few real science books.

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