How does life change after becoming an atheist?

Context of Question
Is life after abandoning the belief that gods exist scary, meaningless and worthless?
Does a person face the risk of considering suicide or even committing it?
Does it seem like grieving?
Is it a bad experience? Or a good one?
Is it better to be an atheist or a theist?
Is it a shock to deal with with professionals or they can do nothing to help?
OR would life be happier and more liberating?
OR would it be neutral and nothing changes?
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For me, being comfortable with being an atheist happened in two stages of learning. The first stage of learning is that stage where I have learnt enough to no longer believe. The second stage was when I learnt enough to be comfortable with no longer believing that there is a god. 

Even though I was not too indoctrinated with the religion I grew up in, I went through some physical and emotional state of 'numbness', which other atheists told me they have NOT gone through. I realised that the biggest reason why I felt that was because there were so many unanswered questions in my mind. Questions like: if there is no god then why this or why that? If there is no god, then how should I live my life etc... 

So,  I have spent a year or so of my life having gone through that process, researching and learning. After that process, I feel so much free-er now. 

Just because we realise that there is no god,  it doesn't mean we all become Nihilistic. This is a threat that religious leaders keep making to scare people that losing your belief in their silly concept of god, leads to a state of helplessness and depression.  The reality is that when I realised there could be no way gods or gods can exist, and understood more of how we got here instead, I felt more free, more in awe of the universe, more appreciative of all life and more grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life. 

You do not have to declare to yourself that you are now an atheist. All you need to do is not to be afraid to read books, watch documentaries and keep learning. Associate more with other atheists if you need to substitute the social benefits that religion provided you. Eventually, you come to a point where your intellect, your rationality, your reason has allowed you to understand enough, and no longer will becoming an atheist a choice, but rather, just a natural resolution. For me, becoming an atheist was mentally and emotionally liberating.

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