Opportunity Cost: How much risk are you willing to take with your time to start a new project or venture? What are the deciding factors?

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When I was starting businesses when I was in my 20s, I expected results quickly. I expected to work hard on something for a year and I would see super results. 

But it depends on your business. Is it a new idea? Do you need to educate customers still or are they familiar with your type of products or services? If yes, you need time.  If no, you need to negotiate better distribution terms  and acquisition costs from your suppliers to compete with your more established competition, etc

Now, I would say, that if one has an idea and wants to give it a reasonable time frame to be tested and grow, to give it 2 to 5 years. Of course, we hear of others who are fortunate enough to have great results immediately but I think they're rare experiences.

Since you mention Opportunity Cost and Deciding Factors, mine would be am I prepared to plod along for the next 2-5 years slogging it out to test an idea and it's implementation, or is employment a better option? I would weigh in the one hand, profit projections for the business at the end of the first 2 years and my estimate of the probability of that happening. On the other hand, if I were to just get employed, what kind of jobs can i get, how much I expect to get paid, will I enjoy that job and does it have a future? 

Difficult decision but must be made. Good luck.

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