We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.


After Trump's election, let us make voting compulsory

Article | Marquez Comelab | 04 Feb 17 | Update: 28 Feb 17 | Full View
How can America's democratic system produced Donald Trump as its President? Is there really no one else more qualified or suited to be the President of the most powerful and most influential nation on Earth? Isn't Democracy supposed to be a system where people elect who they want as their leader? How can this system, a system that is supposed to be a shining example of democracy, produced a man who is surely now one of the, or THE most hated person in America and the world? He is fighting with everybody including the ones who are on duty to support him: the FBI and the CIA.
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Hypernormalisation: Terrorism, Syria, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 05 Jan 17 | Update: 05 Jan 17 | Full View
Hypernormalisation is a film by Adam Curtis broadcasted by the BBC. It is just a great film to assist us in the momentous task of piecing certain events that can help explain where we find ourselves and our world today. Most of us do not have time to think and analyse all the relevant news articles and reports that come out. So we do not really know what is going on in the world. Adam Curtis has taken it upon himself to do this for us.  
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President Rodrigo Duterte Christmas Message

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 30 Dec 16 | Update: 03 Jan 17 | Full View
Rodrigo Duterte is the new President of the Philippines. The UN and the US have previously raised concerns for his war on drugs and corruption. He rejected all criticism vehemently. This is his Christmas message to the Filipino people.
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On the election of Donald Trump, Bias and Climate Change

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 16 Dec 16 | Update: 17 Dec 16 | Full View
Like most people, I had a quiet confidence that Hillary Clinton was going to win the US election. “If Trump is lucky enough, the number of votes he will get might come close but, Hillary will pull through in the end”, I thought. Like those those in the Clinton camp who began their pre-emptive celebrations popping open champagne bottles, I was shocked to find out that Trump had won.  How can Americans vote for a man who makes up facts, blatantly lies and makes up his own statistics without caring to know whether his opinions are in fact based on anything with substance? 
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A Short History of the Mafia

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 24 Oct 16 | Update: 24 Oct 16 | Full View
I love videos that compress a tonne of information in a few short minutes. Here's one to give us a short history of the Mafia. 
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Look at the way we die

Book page | Marquez Comelab | 03 Sep 16 | Update: 03 Sep 16 | Full View
I think that you can tell that there is no god when you consider the way majority of people die. When a soldier, or a policeman die in their duty, it is easy for us to put their lives and their passing in some grand context. It is easy enough to generate a background story or a theme to create meaning as to how that person lived and how and why he or she had died. But when you look at the news to see how many people die, you get a sense that it is all just random. And many times, people die in the most absurd of circumstances. 
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Parasocial interactions

Book page | Marquez Comelab | 03 Sep 16 | Update: 03 Sep 16 | Full View
This has been something I've always observed: our tendency to relate to fictional characters. Apparently, it has a term: Parasocial Interactions. 
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Larawan | Marquez Comelab | 02 Sep 16 | Update: 02 Sep 16 | Full View
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Our rate of forgetfulness

Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 30 Jul 16 | Update: 30 Jul 16 | Full View
Our brains throw away half of all new material within an hour. By Day 30, we’ve retained about 2-3%.  Source: A BBC Article titled, The mystery of why you cant remember being a baby.
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Overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Larawan | Marquez Comelab | 15 Jun 16 | Update: 15 Jun 16 | Full View
Overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower
A majestic view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
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Cervantes, Ilocos Sur

Larawan | Marquez Comelab | 19 May 16 | Update: 19 May 16 | Full View
Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
As I ride at the back of a vegetable truck with nothing more than a pole to hang on to, we drive pass this scene in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. I see farmers up early in the morning to work and harvest their crop. Stunning back-drop showing the bluish haze of early morning fog against the green and gold colours of the fields. 
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Blog Posts | Marquez Comelab | 22 Apr 16 | Update: 22 Apr 16 | Full View
Humans crave to be in teams, tribes.  They empathise with their groups. They don't with other groups. 
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On Uber, Taxis and Competition: Why Uber

Article | Marquez Comelab | 17 Apr 16 | Update: 19 Apr 16 | Full View
Every now and then, you see Taxi Drivers of a country, or recently, a continent (South America), protesting against Uber.  At home, in Australia, I get around with my car. I used Uber once to get home from a night out after being introduced to it by a friend. I thought it was great: I could already see the driver's details, a photo of his car and his licence plate number even before he came to pick me up.
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Film: Metro Manila

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 12 Apr 16 | Update: 19 Apr 16 | Full View
This must be one of the most surprising films I've seen for a long time. Browsing SBS Online on the TV, I came across "Metro Manila". I have not seen a Filipino film for years. Curious to see one here in SBS Australia, I played it. It hooked me from the beginning. I was just going to have a peek but I stayed for the whole movie. It left feeling like I've been kicked in the guts like the city did to the poor family in the film. 
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Frontline Fighting: Battling Isis

Videos | Marquez Comelab | 01 Apr 16 | Update: 01 Apr 16 | Full View
SBS Australia ran an interesting UK documentary titled, "Frontline Fighting: Battling Isis", describing it as "the inside story of three untrained western volunteers with no family connections to the Middle East who heed the call to take up arms with Kurdish fighters to reclaim Rojava from the Islamic State". 
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I am afraid that I will die and everyone will forget me, How can I overcome this fear?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 03 Feb 16 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
"Living a life worth remembering is a path to immortality". I think that was from Bruce Lee. Think of people who lived in the past. We know them because they have done something extra-ordinary, something that propels humanity forward! For me, I think of people like Charles Darwin, Einstein and Galileo, Neil Armstrong... For the rest, their ordinary lives will just mean they are remembered by their children, if they are fortunate enough to have children, and even grand children. Beyond that, most of us will indeed be shortly forgotten.
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Is believing just fooling yourself?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 03 Feb 16 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Believing that things do have the chance of getting better is probably an initial step to wanting to do anything to improve things in the first place. If you do not believe that there is any hope that things will get better, it can have a demotivating effect.  Why even bother? why even try? why even do anything? why even live... it can be a miserable outcome.
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I made a prank threat on Omegle and someone said they got my ip and is calling the police. What do I do?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 28 Nov 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
What should you do? You should stop doing stupid stuff like this. 
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This one is for atheists only. Is mother nature indifferent (nihilist)?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 08 Nov 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Mmm The term Mother Nature personalises nature, which I don't like to use because it pre-loads nature with consciousness. It is a biased term, and a Christian friend of mine uses it to actually refer to her god.  In this context therefore, there is no mother nature. Just nature or the universe,which are not conscious in the way that we define consciousness.  Because of this, then the universe is indifferent. It is incapable of caring let alone caring for us specifically. 
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Can love, compassion, and peace lead in the business world?

Q & A | Marquez Comelab | 28 Oct 15 | Update: 25 Mar 16 | Full View
Have you ever heard of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? They have given most of their wealth away to charity.  So long as consumers are educated and they have access to the information they need to reward the businesses that serves their purpose and buy from them, I'm confident business and businesses are a tool for good. 
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