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Paper Trading Cryptocurrencies

Given that the price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, what do you do when the price of the cryptocurrency you are holding, keeps going down?  If you have a relatively small amount, then you might not worry too much about it. You can afford to keep holding until nothing is left. But what if you bought enough for you to care? At which price point do you exit? Once you provide a precise answer to this so that you are going to sell based on certain conditions, then you have essentially created a trading plan. It might be just one trade, and it might take ten or twenty years, you are still trading because your decision is based on price. Your time frame is just longer than most.  How will you approach this problem?

Thinking of Paper Trading Cryptocurrencies Publicly

I track a lot of varied topics because the human mind can be creative if you feed it lots of ideas. On this website, you see posts about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the economy and various other topics that may not seem related at all. But how do they all relate to deciding on what we should invest our time and money on and how we can go about doing this? We cannot know nor understand completely how our minds connect dots, but it does. Today, I decided to share something personal to me — something I have been working on to give you context as to how I use and integrate all these things I post about. 
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