What should I do, if I am trying to build a startup I am not passionate about?


Could it be that you merely do not have passion in the products and services that you offer but you do have the passion to build a profitable business? 

I suppose it can be done. I am sure plenty of founders and owners of cleaning, dry-cleaning and car wash businesses, did not really get into the business because of their passion for those activities. Maybe some people do but my point is that if you're just in it for the income, then that's okay. Many people are in jobs they do not like nor passionate about but they do it anyway. As unusual a reason to get into business as it might be, this could just be your job and way to make more money. 

I believe, however, you will need to at least place people in your marketing team as well as your customer-facing staff to have some sort of passion to be able to communicate well the benefits of your products and services to your customers.

If you're NOT passionate building a profitable business either, or anything about the business, or business in general, then I think there is something else going on. If that's true, then it is probably timely to ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing before wasting your time and money on this business because you could be making better income elsewhere in another business or as an employee.

Do you have a different answer that might help the questioner? How would you answer this question?

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