What is your reaction when stranger calling you?

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This question is with regards to cold-calling, being cold-called.
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Really good question and it is very interesting too. It's great of you to try and see what it is like on the other side. 

I get a lot of requests to talk on Skype, likely from people in circumstances similar to yours. Consider this: How would you feel if I were to call you and tell you about how we can build you a website? If you're busy working, or with your family, and building a website is far away from your concern, and you keep getting interrupted, won't you be annoyed? 

I understand you are an employee doing what you are asked so I can never be angry at you personally. I just have little respect for companies asking employees to cold call people to sell without a more appropriate way of introducing themselves and asking whether it was okay to call.  

Most businesses, like Oranges and Lime, realise that just because we can, it does not mean we should, and that's why we do not engage people to cold call for us. 

Just because Skype is free, it does not mean companies should use it to cold call everyone. Imagine if all businesses in the world started cold-calling everybody. "Hey you want to buy a washing machine?", "Hey you need a copyright lawyer?", "Hey you want fresh milk?".... We will clog the Internet and Skype even more as if the load of spam emails and spammy websites, and terrible SEO practices are not already adding unnecessary load on the network. 

To me, what would be appropriate is, having prior contact with a person who asked if it was okay that s/he should add me as a contact and therefore, chat on Skype. What is that prior contact? Then that's for your marketing department to figure out. All I can say is that calling on Skype without prior permission I deem too intrusive. Cold calling was acceptable as a form of marketing decades ago, and it might still have some yield judging from their continued use, but I personally think it is appropriate. 

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